Tips for first-home buyers

Some time ago I noticed this post on the Stuff website and although it screams of real estate agent babble, there are a couple of good points in there.  I also wanted to add some points of my own. The 10 points in the original post are: Save, save, save Yes, […]

Remote Landlording

Managing a vacancy in a city other than where you live. A step-by-step guide to remote landlording. For those who don’t know, Mr Meg and I live in Auckland and have rental property in Christchurch. We choose not to have a property manager because on the whole we have good long-term tenants, […]

One Dollar at a Time

People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing, Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin, When I say that I’m okay they look at me kind of strange, Surely you’re not happy now you no longer play the game. – John Lennon, “Watching the […]

Delayed Gratification 11

Delayed gratification is a concept that the hubby and I have been battling with for years. Many of our friends can vouch for this – I think that more than a few of them think we are quite mad! Our delayed gratification means that we have always lived in lower […]

Christmas Club Comparisons 1

Just as everyone is recovering from Christmas 2015 the offerers of ‘Christmas Club’ savings schemes are busily advertising that you should start saving for Christmas 2016. Which, if any, of these offerings are worth considering? A quick Google search for New Zealand providers brings up the following companies: Chrisco Hampsta […]

Gremlins be gone! 10

Yay!  We’re up and running again! Thank you all for your patience while we’ve been working on ridding gremlins from the site. My wonderful tech-savvy husband has sorted me out. On one hand being unable to post to the blog during my holiday has been mighty frustrating, but on the […]

How safe is peer-to-peer lending? 3

In light of Diana Clement’s great article on the realities of peer-to-peer lending using the Harmoney platform, I’d like to mention a further concern of mine – the risk of borrower default. Harmoney have a policy of offering borrowers the option of a top-up / re-write after only 3 months of […]

Remote landlording

The realities of being an out-of-town property investor With investors in Auckland now requiring a 30% deposit (or equivalent equity in another property) to purchase a rental, many Auckland investors are looking in other parts of New Zealand for properties with better cash-flow, and a lower deposit requirement. As the […]

What are Bonus Bonds?

In the current low interest rate environment, the return on savings accounts and term deposits is nothing to get excited about. I know from experience (when I worked in banking) that a lot of customers would withdraw their savings and use them to buy Bonus Bonds when interest rates were […]