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On an Alaskan cruise that we'd set as a goal 5 years earlier!!

On an Alaskan cruise that we’d set as a goal 5 years earlier!!

Hello and thank you for venturing to my blog!

I’m Meghan Holender and this is my very first blog.

I’m a tad nervous about putting myself out there into cyberspace, but I have had some positive feedback in regards to my writing style.  This blog is practice for the book(s) that I hope to write in the not-too-distant future.

I have learnt a lot of things in my 30-something years on this planet and feel that my life purpose is to share these things with you.

A bit about me..

I live in Auckland, New Zealand

I am an ordinary person who was not born into money.  My father was a factory worker and my mother was mainly a stay-at-home mum

I am married, and have an ancient (vet’s words!) border terrier named Benjamin

I have spent a number of years studying and have managed to collect a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Valuation

I have spent a number of years working in retail banking and am very glad to have slammed the door on that part of my life!

Along with my husband, I have been dabbling in property investment and landlording for almost 12 years.  Gee time flies when you’re having fun!


..a financial advisor

..a real estate agent

..selling property or property finding services

Please note:

My opinions are my own and I recommend you seek professional advice from accountants, lawyers, etc. before relying on what I have to say. My advice has worked for me, but your situation is most likely different to mine.  I do believe the information to be of use to you though, otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing it.

I’ve realised that I have a natural knack for things to do with numbers and finance.  Financial literacy should be available to everyone, and yet it is not part of the school curriculum.  I plan to share as many things as I can think of to help others in their personal finance journey – wherever they are headed.

It seems to me that at the moment people are taking advice from those who have a vested interest in the outcome.  I am completely independent.  It does not matter to me if you act on my advice – or not.

If you are currently taking financial advice from your bank, broker, property finder, or real estate agent, please take some time to educate yourself more.  Your financial future requires more input from you.  Don’t place your future in the hands of someone who is being paid commission.

I do hope that you’ll find the topics on this site to be of interest, and that you’ll pop back regularly.

If there is a topic that you would like me to post on, or you have a question, please feel free to comment on the blog page, or alternatively, you can contact me here.


– Meg



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